About us

SCCH Consulting was established in 2012 by Founding Partners Sasha Cain & Dr Claire Hallas - a partnership of award winning Practitioner Health Psychologists at a senior Consultant level with over 40 years of combined expertise in delivering and managing Psychological Services, developing and providing clinical training programmes, supervising and managing healthcare professionals.

In 2021, SCCH Consulting moved under the auspices of SCPS Consulting LTD, which is run by Sasha Cain, a Founding Partner of SCCH. SCPS Consulting LTD continues to provide high quality Psychological Services established by SCCH Consulting, with the same values of providing high impact, evidence-based Consultancy informed by Applied Practice experience & expertise.


SCPS continues the work of SCCH, innovators of implementing the science and evidence base of Health Psychology and Health Behaviour Change into the world of person-centered healthcare. Continuing to combine academic science with therapeutic clinical expertise to provide unique, enhanced and effective high quality professional health psychology services for our clients and the public.

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