SCCH Certificate Programmes in  Applied Health Psychology  Knowledge & Skills


Are you a Stage 2 Trainee in Health Psychology (independent route/ university)?

Have you completed your MSc in Health Psychology and want to work in applied practice?

Want to approve your career opportunities and Health Psychology practice skills?

SCCH Consulting offers Certificates of Applied Health Psychology Practice Knowledge and Skills to support trainees and qualified Health Psychologists with their applied career development. To enroll on a Certificate Training Programme there is a requirement  to have previously completed an MSc in Health Psychology (or imminently)  to ensure you have a pre-existing basic understanding of Health Psychology evidence base. SCCH Certificate courses provide specialist applied knowledge and training and as such the basic knowledge base is assumed to have already been acquired.

Prices include PayPal Fee. *Concession rates available for trainees.

1. Certificate in Applied Health Psychology Practice Knowledge £856/£812* 

The certificate consists of 42 training hours (gained from completing 4 of our foundation training courses below) plus 1 piece of written coursework showing the integration of knowledge within the context of applied practice.


Component 1: Attend all of the following foundation training events:


Component 2: Attend one of the therapeutic approaches training events:

Component 3: Submit a 3,000 word essay: (essay submission only: £250) 

  • Summarising how the knowledge base from the training will be integrated into your Health Psychology practice.

2. Certificate in Applied Health Psychology Therapeutic Practice Skills: £1656


This certificate consists of 42 training hours (gained from therapeutic practice and supervision) plus 2 pieces of assessed coursework. Participants will need to have a client placement allowing face-to-face contact in order to complete the coursework. 


This certificate is ideal for people who have completed their health psychology training (e.g. Stage 2 or DPsych) and wish to formally develop or certify their therapeutic skills. To be eligible for this certificate, participants need to show that they have completed an introductory training in the Health Psychology evidence base equivalent to the SCCH Introductory Knowledge Certificate. 


Components of Assessment:

  • 5,000 word case study report evaluating practice for 1 completed client.

  • A 3000 word transcript report.

  • 6 hours of supervised practice with an SCCH Consultant Health Psychologist.

  • Evidence certifying a minimum of 4 individual clients and 36 hours of therapeutic practice undertaken.

3. Certificate in Applied Health Psychology Practice Knowledge and Therapeutic Practice Skills: £2,512/ £2,468*


This certificate consists of 84 training hours including all of the content of the Certificate 1: Knowledge and Certificate 2: Therapeutic Skills to provide a comprehensive introductory knowledge and skills assessment and certification.


This Certificate is appropriate for both trainees and qualified Health Psychologists who have completed their MSc, undertaking their doctorate/stage 2 training to those who are qualified and working in applied practice. This training develops your' understanding and experience of applying the Health Psychology evidence base and professional skills in therapeutic healthcare settings. You will need to have a face to face client placement in order to complete this certificate.


Components of Assessment:

  • Evidence of 42 knowledge based training hours

  • Evidence of 42 practice and supervision hours (6 supervision hours & a minimum of 36 hours of therapeutic practice with a minimum of 4 clients).

  • 3,000 word essay showing integration of knowledge into your practice & CPD

  • 5,000 word case study report evaluating practice for 1 completed client

  • A 3000 word transcript report.