Our Services

Healthcare Service Review, Evaluation and Improvement

A "Service for One"© - Our innovative approach to reviewing and improving health services is driven by our expertise as Health Psychologists. We take a personalised perspective on all levels of system change, because we know that all health services are fundamentally driven by individual behavioural change. Learn more about how we can enhance your Services and provide a bespoke training, review process and supervision structure for staff.  Click here!

Health Psychology Therapeutic Services

SCCH Consulting provides integrated Health Psychology Therapeutic Services within private healthcare settings around the UK. We deliver services in partnership with our Affiliate Health Psychologists that work under the clinical governance and management of SCCH Consulting where SCCH are contracted to deliver high quality Health Psychology Therapeutic Services across a range of medical specialities and in collaboration with the local multi-discplinary healthcare team. Click here!

Healthcare Interventions and  Patient Programmes

A "Programme for One"© . A scientfic approach to personalising health behaviour change. Our innovative digital/tele clinical programmes and healthcare interventions provide a personalised, tailored approach to helping individuals, communities and populations gain healthy lifestyles and cope with medicines, treatments and long-term conditions. Click here!

Clinical Skills Training and  Supervision Services

SCCH specialises in training healthcare professional and psychologists in a range of evidence based methods, techniques and clinical skills. We provide clinical supervision for individuals, groups and organisations and offer combined bespoke training and supervision for services to ensure staff and practices are safe and effective. Click here for training, clinical supervision and CPD event facilitation.